Academic and/or career oportunities

 Professional activities of scientific and technical nature

  1.  Studies, research, reports, projects, analysis and chemical tests, synthesis of chemical products and management and executive work in subjects related to science and chemical technology, food industry, pharmateuticals, clinical analysis, quality control, industrial hygiene ...
  2.  Scientific and techonological advice on chemical issues.
  3. Evaluations that involve chemical processes.
  4. Project design of chemical installations, at the laboratory, pilot or industrial scale, as well as supervision and development management.
  5. Specific tascks for the Public Administration: national, autonomous, insular, local and international organizations.

Research, development and control of chemical and technological processes

  1. Progam, direct, coordinate, supervise, execute and evaluate the activities that are carried out in a laboratory, as well as aspects related to investigation, development and control.


  1. Secundary education (compulsory and post-compulsory) and vocational training
  2. University
  3. Training and recycling courses for companies